Orlando Central Florida wall mount X rays

Looking for an entry level wall mount x-ray in the Orlando, Central Florida area?  We offer a few options to fit your budget.  With this in mind the lower your budget the lower should be your expectations.  Just starting out? this can be a part of your start up business plan. Realizing that within 10 years you may plan or need to upgrade  or change to new more mobile technology such as handheld or cart mobile X rays.  We will ship the models installation is an added optional cost. FDA certified. DC unit with sharp .04mm focal point.

Installation: We will travel to you.  $120 first hour, $100 each hour thereafter. Trip charge $1.5 per mile beyond 20 miles from Winter Garden, Florida. For example if you are 60 miles from Winter Garden, Florida you would pay 40 miles x 1.5= $60 for excess trip charge. If you are further than  100 miles we can discuss a mileage discount. We will ship to any location possible at exact cost. You can also have your preferred shipping company pickup.  Call to discuss this option.

Your office will be required to provide a sturdy, secure, mounting platform. We can provide the spec sheets to assist in pre installation planning for your  contractor.

We offer the following entry level wall mount x-rays

Image Works  Image Scan HD 

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Image Scan HD Wall Mount X ray

The X-Ray That Helps Your Entire Practice Run Better

RAYOS DC Wall Mount xray by SKANRAY

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Rayos Wall Mount Xray an even lower entry level price.  Exact cost shipping to any location,  therefore if it is shipped to your office, you would deal directly with the supplier for after sales service.  Or your local independent service company.  We will install this unit local ( Central Florida, Orlando, Florida).  We will be dependent to the supplying company for after sales parts and support.  The Ratos USA supplier has been in business for over 25 years. We expect great service from this supplier. In conclusion this may be your most cost effective wall mount X-ray.  FDA certified device. .04mm focal point DC voltage.

Rayos DC Wall mount X ray

Rayos DC wall mount Xray


Orlando, Central Florida, Wall mount X rays.  We will ship anywhere possible just contact us when you need your next wall mount, or other X-ray device. We sell mobile, and handheld X-ray devices, as well as Panoramic 2D, and 3D. We can also install your X-ray equipment if proper  instructions are supplied. Repairs of your X-ray equipment in the Orlando, Florida area is possible dependent on model, and support company.