Orlando and Central Florida Dentist offices for sale

Looking to open a new, or purchase an existing Dentist office for sale in the Orlando, or Central Florida area ?  Finding an Orlando, or Central Florida dentist office for sale in the area can be difficult. A business broker that specializes in Dentist office acquisitions can be the golden filling. Therefore we recommend Michael Connor, or Mary Ann Serkin, local business brokers.  Experts with the knowledge and experience in dentist office acquisitions. Click the following link to learn more about their services Central Florida Dentist offices for sale.
Dental Handyman, llc can assist you in your equipment purchases. Includes Dentist chairs, lights, x-rays, delivery units, compressors, vacuums, autoclaves and more.   Our relations with multiple dental equipment factories enables us to offer equipment for all financial considerations.  For instance we can deliver an import complete dentist chair packages  as low as $2500. In contrast we have chair packages available for over $10,000.

 Whether you start with the adequate, or can afford the best we work to make your opening affordable.  As an example we helped a dentist import and install 3 NEW dental chairs complete with LED lights, Delivery unit, and cuspidors for less than $8000 for all 3 chair packages. 

The doctor has reported he is very happy with his units, the savings was overwhelming, and most importantly fit his business plans perfectly. Whether  chairs, compressors, X-rays, vacuum units, autoclaves, we do our best to meet your needs.  Located in the Orlando,  Central Florida area call us!

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