Ultra quiet dentist dental air compressors

Orlando Central Florida Quiet Dentist Dental Air Compressors

Quiet dentist dental compressors at affordable prices, by Dental Handyman, llc.

  How much would you lose if your office is down for a day or two because of compressor failure?  Consider a backup compressor because it is now affordable to own a dentist worthy backup at an affordable price. Our quiet dentist dental compressors are like a cheap insurance policy in case of  a compressor failure.  Opening a new office on a shoestring budget we have your compressor solution. Maybe your current compressor has one or more of the following issues, too loud, getting to its end life, discharging moisture into your  air line.

We can install a second compressor in tandem as a backup to your current compressor.  If your current compressor goes down simply plug in one of our installed backup compressors, and keep your office smiling.  Or run our quiet compressors as your main compressor and use your old loud model as a backup.

Quiet, are you searching for a quiet solution? our compressors come in at 54 decibels which is 20% lower than most dental compressors on the  market. If that is not enough we offer customized cabinets that lower the sound level to a whisper, coming in at 45 decibels.

Warranty?  What good is a product without a warranty. Our ultra quiet silent compressors come with a industry exceeding 3 year parts warranty, and 6 months parts and labor warranty.  This does not include normal wear and tear, or normal maintenance replacement parts.

Our quiet dental dentist compressors come standard with interior coated anti-microbacterial paint and sealant, anti rust inhibited, a thorough Desiccant dryer system to remove moisture and provide necessary dry air for your dentist operation, as well as an automatic moisture drain to offer medical quality dry air.   An Oil-less compressor heads mean little maintenance, and a necessary pressure relief valve for your safety.

All the features of the more expensive dental air compressors at an affordable price.  One to three operatory quiet compressors starting at only $2400.00 plus installation.  Installation, if you currently have a compressor hookup in most cases our quiet dry air compressor can be installed within an 90 minutes.

Dental Handyman, llc sells and repairs all brands of dental compressors, whether you purchased from us or another vendor.

We ship outside Orlando, Central Florida as needed, call Dental Handyman, llc today at 608-358-6554 for more details.