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Orlando, Central Florida Amalgam Separator rules, and compliance.

New Amalgam Separator $549.00 

On July 14, 2017 the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized its new Rule regarding the handling and recycling of amalgam and its wastes. According to the EPA standards were issued for pre-treatment guidelines under the Clean Water Act (CWA) for discharging of pollutants into publicly owned treatment works (POTW’s). These standards affect new and existing dental practices that discharge dental amalgam waste. Dental offices are the primary source of mercury discharging into POTW’s.  The Rules aim is to mandate all dentists that either place or remove amalgam will properly collect and recycle amalgam mercury wastes and discontinue the hazardous, and unnecessary practice of poor disposal practices.

A few important points, even if you do little Amalgam removal you may still need to complete the one time compliance form stating this fact.  If you are a new facility that may deal in removal, and or placing amalgam, you must immediately install an amalgam separator and file the one time report.  Chair traps need to be disposed of properly, not to place with needles, and sharps. Must use an approved amalgam container (bucket) for your scrap amalgam, we do sell amalgam buckets in a variety of sizes.

Below are some helpful links to help make compliance easier. Call us directly with your questions, if we do not know we can help get answers.

Dental Handyman, llc of Winter Garden Florida offering affordable solutions. The deadline for all dental offices is looming. All offices must comply by July 14, 2020, and new facilities must comply immediately upon opening. It is of our opinion that complying sooner is better than later. Though the Amalgam separators will be mandatory July 14, 2020, the ADA Best management Practices have been in place for years. Will the new rules require documentation retroactively for scrap amalgam disposal procedures in your office?  Why risk a fine when we have cost effective solutions for every office.

We have partnered with Pureway as our primary provider for your affordable Amalgam separator solution. Why pay $1000 plus installation when Dental Handyman, llc can provide the Pureway ECO II, and install it for under $700 in most cases(within 20 miles of East Orlando, FL). Pureway Eco II  is rated up to 10 operatory chairs under normal use for 12 months. You only need one Pureway ECO II installed to handle up to 10 chairs. We have options for up to 20 chair offices available, just ask. Your all in one solution to Orlando, Central Florida Amalgam separator compliance. If we cannot personally install we can ship your unit directly to your location, ORDER HERE. You may find an installer or follow the not so difficult video instructions to install yourself.    We are offering this unit for only $549.00, but that is not the end of our fight to keep your bottom line smiling!   This super deal may end at any moment, therefore act fast. To top it off if this is our first visit to your office the first hour is only $85, 2nd hour $100. Most installations take 2 hours, some with heavy piping, and difficult access may take longer. . Annual recycle charge is an affordable  $369.00 plus labor per refill or annually whichever occurs first. Compare with the big boys then call us.  Better yet just call us your local Dental Handyman.

Need to vacuum more than 10 operatory chairs we have you covered with our tandem system that can sustain up to 20 chairs. We also have a solution for your Amalgam Scrap compliance starting at only $150 per unit.  If you are unable to afford this incredible deal, we have an alternative company that offers the Amalgam separator free.  Call us today (608-358-6554 Orlando, FL) to discuss your Amalgam Separator solutions.

Remember under the mandates an Amalgam bucket is required, we offer a variety of sizes. Note that Amalgam Buckets only need replacing when full. To order your Amalgam separator eco II or Amalgam bucket CLICK HERE.



Small cost, Big Deal!


ECO II Amalgam Separator!

ECO II Amalgam Separator is it for you? The ECO II Amalgam Separator was engineered to be effective, elegant, and simple. Eco II  Europe’s highly popular Amalgam separator, becoming  Europe’s leading amalgam separator within its 15 dynamic years. Now being offered to the American Markets the easy-to-maintain,  compact design, and price point makes it an ideal solution for dental offices requiring Amalgam separation.


  • No disruptive vacuum loss! Engineered and designed to ensure no loss of suction
  • Low price point, saving dentist offices hundreds of dollars compared to competing systems
  • Easy quick installation and optional automated recycling 
  • Online documentation access with e-mail maintenance alerts
  • Flexibility to work with most all vacuum systems


  • ISO 11143 certified (exceeds ISO standards, achieving more than 99.3% filtration efficiency)
  • Pre-vacuum installation: up to 10 chairs and a tandem option for up to 20 chairs
  • Compact design: 8.7” x 8.7” x 13.8”
  • Works with wet and dry vacuums
  • Easy DIY replacement every 12 months or once full (whichever occurs first)
  • Recycling certificates sent to each office automatically, also available online 24 hours 7 days a week
  • Engineered and Made  in Austria

How to Order and installation

 Call Dental handyman, llc  608-358-6554 for more information and to order.

    • Free shipping within the 48 continental states
    • Installation $120.00 1st hour, $100 an hour thereafter. No mileage charge within 20 miles of our East Orlando, FL office, $1.50 per mile if more than 20 miles. Normal installation placement, and normal pipe tubing sizing.


The ECO II Amalgam Separator by PureWay. EPA Compliance, Pure and Simple.

Easy Installation video

Easy recycle exchange video



      • Click here to order your Pureway Eco II Amalgam Separator, free shipping let us handle the details for you!