Elity70 Wall Mount X-Ray Machine Orlando and Central Florida

We no longer support nor sell the Elity70. Look at our more reliable alternatives , Image Works ImageScan HD wall mount X-ray,  and RayosDC Wall mount X-ray models. Each has a much better focal point, and better build, therefore there is no comparison as you get more bang for your buck.

Orlando cheap dentist x ray

– Orlando, and Central Florida looking for an inexpensive start up dentist x- ray unit? Dental Handyman, llc located in Winter garden, Florida has the dental X-ray for you. We no longer suggest support, nor sell the ELITY 70 as we have found service unreliable, and we cannot be certain it is an FDA certified compliant unit.  Therefore we now recommend the following alternatives to the elity 70.  We suggest Image Works ImageScan HD wall mount X-ray,  and RayosDC Wall mount X-ray models. Affordable, and real support available from reputable USA suppliers.

Elity70 not sold or supported by reputable suppliers as of this day January 2021.  608-358-6554.

Click here for Orlando, Central Florida Wall mount x-ray units. We also have mobile and handheld units for sale.


Compatible with Digital Radiographic Systems & Standard Film.
Remote Wireless Exposure Switch and hard wire cable included
95” extended Arm Length  (tip to tip).
0.01 to 0.15 seconds Exposure Time Digital
0.10 to 2.30 seconds Exposure Time Standard
60 kVp 8mA or 70 kVp 8mA

Tube Current      10mA
Focal Spot          0.8mm
Focal Length      20cm
Voltage               110V– 220V
Frequency          50Hz– 60Hz
Duty Cycle          1:32

The microprocessor allows user to set multiple configurations such as exposure time to manual or 3 automatic pre-selected times.  20 preset times for a variety of patients large adult, mid adult and child. Teeth type, type of radiography, digital or film, and much more.  Automatic input line voltage compensation to maintain 10% for 120 Volt line.

Excellent contrast and hi definition , compatible with film, PSP plate systems, and Dental Sensors.
The Elity70 gives clear radiograph’s at reduced exposure times, with the highest concern for safety for the operator and patient. FDA approved, and complies with international standards and  safety regulations.
The Elity70 Wall model includes wall mounting plate to be mounted with 16″ double studs or a single 4″x4″.


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